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Pink UV Nail Lamp
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Pink UV Nail Lamp

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    • Specifications:
    • Type:LED UV Lamp
    • Power:36W
    • Number of lights:12pcs
    • 3 Timer settings:30s/60s/90s
    • Auto sensing time is 120S
    • Wavelength: 365nm+405nm
    • Material:ABS+PC
    • Color:Pink
    • Size:7.3x6.5x3.4inch

    • Package Contents:
    • 1Pcs Nail phototherapy machine
    • 1Pcs USB cable

    • Features
    • - Intelligent and easy to use nail lamp. The machine has a auto hand infrared sensor.
    • It will automatically start when hands get in it and automatically shut down when hands out or timer finish.
    • - 30S/60S/90S button are optional and switch at random.
    • -12pcs UV/LED duable lights,which ensures the color of gel nail polish,offers you a comfortable manicure/pedicure experience and protection to your nails,skin and eyes.
    • - Fit Gel Type: LED gels, UV gels, Hard Gels, nail polish gel, sculpture gel, gem glue etc.